boxBox [] is a place were you can collaborate and store files – for your own use, to share with people at Notre Dame, or to share with people anywhere in the world. Access your files anywhere, at any time, on virtually any device.

The most common use in a course is to distribute files for students to collaborate and/or download. You can arrange items in folders by chapter, topic, or format. You can also create folders for project groups or for instructors only.

With Box:

  • You get 50GB to start with – and you can ask for more
    • Files shared with you by others don’t count against your 50GB
  • Sign in with your NetID and password (using CAS, same as Sakai)
  • Supported by the OIT Help Desk
  • Full-text search of all files
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office
  • Approved to share/store virtually all files except those deemed Highly Sensitive Information (HSI) by the University

Using Box

Learn more at the OIT website

Image of box