Classroom technology

A high percentage of classrooms at Notre Dame are well-equipped with technology. The hardware may include a computer, projector, DVD player, document camera, or other devices — typically managed by a Crestron control panel. The computers are dual-boot; they can be started up in either Windows or Mac OS. Installed software includes Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) and Adobe Creative Suite (PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, etc.) and other titles. For a complete list see Windows software or Macintosh software.

crestron screen

If you call OIT Support at 631-8778 with a problem in a classroom, someone should be there within five minutes. Also call that number to arrange a tour of the technology in a classroom.

Portable devices are also available for classroom checkout use. Inquire at 115 DeBartolo about a laser pointer, wireless microphone, digital audio recorder, CD/cassette player, video camera, or tripod.

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Classroom support > 631-8778