sakai logoSakai is Notre Dame’s Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE), a set of tools that help a faculty member create a web site for a class. The instructor provides the content and Sakai supplies structure, interactivity, and management. Some of the key tools include

  • Grade book (students only see their own grades)
  • Quizzes and anonymous surveys
  • Assignments – collect work online

As the CLE designation implies, Sakai can also be used for collaboration. One way to do this is through project sites for research teams, committees, student organizations, and other groups.

Because there are many tools, there are many possibilities for teaching and learning. Here are a few:

  • Use the quiz tool for pre-class reading checks
  • In a large class, use the grade book tool to post exam scores
  • Distribute materials, such as a course syllabus
  • Ask students to pose questions in a discussion

The OIT provides help desk support for Sakai and organizes training classes. The Kaneb Center provides consultation services to help faculty decide which tools may be most appropriate for their needs.

This kind of tool is also known as a Course Management System (CMS) or Learning Management System (LMS). Notre Dame’s previous LMS was known as Concourse and was based on Blackboard Vista.

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